The Wolfpack 2: Frostbite

Two years ago, one dark night, I got a call from my very talented producer friend Garry Boyle (responsible for recording The Katet, Thunkfish & Horndog Brass Band amongst others), which went along the lines of “In the studio, need horns. Coming?” I called Matt Hawke, for he has trombone and a car, and we headed straight to Granton, and came up with some lines for a tune that some of Garry’s friends, along with Mike Kearney, had just written and recorded, simply for fun and experimentation. The result was the first ‘Wolfpack’ tune, ‘Mama Told Me‘.

On Monday, I met some of these guys for the second time, plus more more new faces, and we did it again. I hung out for the whole thing, inputted a bit more this time, and invited along Jonny White to join me on horn duties. I think we did the Wolfpack justice once more. Free to download and share: